Dreamforce Tips

Dreamforce on a Budget Central

Registration Tips:

  • Register early! The earlier the better for best rates.
  • Look for codes for discounts via social media
  • Talk to your AE about potential discounts and group rates
  • Watch for contests and giveaways to win your way in
  • Submit a session proposal! If selected, typically receive free pass.
  • If you work for a NFP contact the Foundation for a discount code.

Lodging Tips:

  • Check company rates as well as Dreamforce room block rates (at registration).
  • Consider perks- rewards/points, free wi-fi, free breakfast, transportation
  • Consider staying with local friends or family if possible
  • Roommates help lower costs- coworker, fellow user group member, and success community are all places to find roommates.
  • Youth Hostels and rental properties
  • Alternative sites like AirBnB – be sure to verify if property can be rented.
  • Consider distance as well as in city transportation options.


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