Posted by: eliz_beth | February 24, 2011

Where to go for help – or how to get off your SFDC island!

I created this list for our local user group but thought it would be helpful to have it here too!

Places to go for help:

1- Salesforce Success site – aka the Community site:

Also our Greensboro Salesforce User Group area

The success site has links to Help, Answers, Ideas, and various blogs.  On the home page, on the left side are links to other user group meetings and events.  On Fridays there is always a great webinar for admins on Salesforce Tips & Tricks.

Help – standard information that you can also access from within your instance and always the best place to start looking.

Answers – where to go for help from the community.  This is NOT putting a case in for Salesforce Support to resolve.  Volunteers go through the answers and respond to anything they feel comfortable in replying to, so please make sure you’ve checked Help for a solution first.  Got a question about a complicated formula?  Something just not working the way you think it should?  Looking for a better way to accomplish something in Salesforce?  This is your best free resource.  Please make sure if someone does respond, that you indicate if the response was good or was the best answer.  It is a great place to just read to test and challenge yourself.

Ideas – Got an idea on what would make Salesforce better?  Search here first to see if someone’s posted it already and be sure to vote it up if it has been!  If not, create a new idea and spread the word!  Salesforce uses this information and you could see your idea become reality in a future release!

Blogs – More blogs about Salesforce by

Learning Center – Lots of online tutorials and help here for free!

2- Developer Force –

Lots of blogs, tools, cookbooks, and forums/assistance there too for items that are a bit too complicated (needs visual force/apex etc) to answer on Answers.

3- LinkedIn – Below are some groups to tap into for help, including our local user group!

Greensboro User Group

Salesforce Power Users Group

Salesforce Soultions & Tips

4- Facebook – Groups on facebook to look into joining, including one for our local user group!

Greensboro User Group

Button Click Admins

5- Blog list – Great blogs to learn more about how others are using  Check out the link on the home page or some listed below:

6- Channel – a resource to collect all the videos about salesforce available

7- Twitter!  There are tons of people watching twitter who are happy to help a fellow user in need.  I’m @eliz_beth

You’ll want to add these to start with:  @salesforce  @forcedotcom @getchatter

And keep an eye on the hashtags: #salesforce #sfdc #asksalesforce #dreamforce #df10 #df11 and #chatter

8- How could I forget Dreamforce!!!  Talk to your management, going to Dreamforce is a huge benefit for anyone using or working with  I highly recommend it here.  Once you’re in the app, you can check out the Awesome People group and Challenge Us – two great groups to meet people and share information.

Edited to add:  Trust site!  Where to go to see the status of your instance. It is a good idea to know what server you are on to be able to check.  And another reason to keep an eye on twitter because you’ll see it there if and when it happens before anywhere else!

That’s good for starters- If you would like to add your blog, site, twitter handle, group, etc to this list, comment below and I’ll be happy to add you!


  1. Nicely done Elizabeth.

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