Posted by: eliz_beth | July 19, 2011

My Tuesday Dreamforce sessions

So the Agenda Builder is live and there are over 400 sessions to choose from.  I am planning on taking each day this week to review what I have chosen so far to attend.  As of today, these are my choices, but they are subject to change with the changes in availability or additional sessions added.  At minimum, I plan to review these once they appear online after Dreamforce ends.

Tuesday – aka Day 1 of Dreamforce!  If you’ve not picked it up already, head over to get your badge and swagbag.   I’ve not seen the official Dreamforce bag for this year but have heard it has a compartment for your laptop and for your iPad.  Sadly, I don’t think they’re putting iPads in the bags to go with them.  More on that later!

Dreamforce doesn’t officially start till the afternoon but there’s the Community Conference on Tuesday morning to sign up for!  Remember, I can’t tell you what you should choose to attend but thought I’d go into some of the thought processes around what I chose.

Community Conference – Tuesday August 30 –
Keynote – I always plan on attending keynotes! Lots of great information and just a great way to start off the day.
10 AM – Community Tour – Disclaimer, this is on my schedule because I’m one of the speakers. My fellow MVP and friend Amber Neill plan on taking you on a quick tour of all the resources available to help you with your Salesforce instance and/or desire to learn more about Salesforce. There’s lots to learn so come along for the ride!

11 – Answers Live – The Answers site is one of the best places to go for help and here will be some of the top leaders of the Answers board taking questions and sharing their process.

Tuesday Dreamforce Sessions:

2 – Roadmap Sneak Peak: The Future of Analytics in Salesforce
I’m a numbers geek and one of the key items in our instance is the use of analytics. I need and want to know what is coming (safe harbor of course) so I can adjust our roadmap. Plus, knowing what is coming, prepping for it and wowing the management team when it goes live? That’s an easy feather for anyone’s cap!

3:30 – 7 Habits of Highly Successful Admins
One of the best parts of being in the Salesforce community is all the sharing. This is a great session to learn some tricks to make your job easier. Two of the speakers are Mike Gerholdt of Button Click Admin fame and Jeff Grosse who has a great blog and hosts the Salesforce Channel site.

5 – Hands on Introduction to Apex for Non-developers
The best way to know how an engine works is to take one apart and put it back together again. I’ve taken the 531 class but looking to attend this as a refresher. If you’re interested in taking the DEV 531 class in the future, or wondering what all this Apex stuff is about, here’s your chance to dip your toes in the pool. 🙂

6 – Welcome Reception – Great food and a chance to check out the layout of the Expo hall.

I’ll post my current schedule (hey, a girl can change her mind) by day – check back here to see what I’m planning on taking in each day at Dreamforce 2011!

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