Posted by: eliz_beth | April 7, 2014

Dreamforce Attendance on a Budget : Registration Savings

After 4 Dreamforces, I’ve picked up a few tips and ideas on how to make a vision quest to the cloud empire a reality.  I look forward to sharing with you what I’ve learned in these DAB posts and welcome you you as well to share your best tips.  No matter what, the earlier you can start planning your trip to Dreamforce, the better off you are going to be.

Instead of going over justification and ROI on Dreamforce I encourage you to check out the information Salesforce themselves have published along with the score of blog posts on how others justified it to their management team.  Let’s say everyone is on board with you going one way or another.

My first tip is to preregister.  If you preregister for the early bird rate, that is savings in the hand already. Dreamforce will go up in price periodically so the earlier you preregister and/or register, the better.  You can preregister here  with no upfront cost.  As of now until April 15th, the preregistration will lock in a price of $899 US.  In years past when formal registration opened, if you signed up early you would get a code in your email to use to guarantee the early bird price you registered for.

Other ways to save on registration costs is to look for discount codes and contests.  I’m not aware of any discount codes yet for this year but you can check with your favorite vendor or watch social media for updates. Often the codes come out closer to Dreamforce (but when prices have increased as well).

One contest to look into entering currently is: Salesforce1 twitter contest
Other companies such as Marketo, Bluewolf, and Kona have held contests that included passes to Dreamforce in the past.  Keep in mind your odds of winning – it’s not a foolproof way to get to go to the best conference of the year, but it might be your ticket.

Also- check with your Salesforce account executive/account manager.  They may be able to help, especially if you are trying to send a group from your company.

The last option I know of is to sign up for a keynote/expo badge.  It is free but very limited in what you can access – mainly the primary keynote with Marc and the main expo.  You’re going to Dreamforce to learn, I recommend getting the full badge as your top priority.  There are plenty of other ways to economize without having to compromise why you’re there in the first place.

So, tip number 1- sign up early to get the best rate for registration. Talk to your AE for additional options and watch social media for contests and discount codes.

–If you know of a contest or discount code, please comment below or contact me directly at the link above. I’d love to share the information!




  1. Great tip! Just a note for any of your nonprofit readers–if you work for a nonprofit (not a volunteer, sorry!) then you should get a special code from the Foundation for a steeply discounted rate. They DO check–you must work for a nonprofit to use it. Just something to be aware of in case you work for a nonprofit and the idea of spending $900 on a conference is way out of your budget already.

    • Thanks Mary! Great tip and I’ve added it to the DUB Central page!

  2. Alternatively you have good experience on Salesforce, or have some thing to share, you can try to become a speaker at the conference. With Dreamforce growing every year, Salesforce needs more and more speakers. Speakers have the conference fee waived off.

    • Yes, in the past speakers have received free passes. However, be aware that submitting a session does not equal an accepted session. I do know of many who have had sessions not selected. Still a great suggestion and I can’t believe I missed including it!

  3. Book your flights now (arrive on Sunday) and book your room as soon as you can with two beds and find a roomie through the Dreamforce org.

    • Good points, and will be covered in future posts! 🙂 Thanks!

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