Posted by: Elizabeth | September 28, 2017

Yes, even for just one day…

I have been very lucky to attend Dreamforce every year since 2010. I often call it geek Christmas because of all of announcements and excitement! Shoot one year it was in December which helped with the idea.

So this year we ran into a problem. We have an 11 year old daughter and two professionals who have their can’t miss events happening the same week. I wish I could bring my daughter to Dreamforce, she loves computers and I think would greatly enjoy the opportunity, Dreamforce is 18+ only.  There have been some school groups invited before, but perhaps a young WIT event would be an interesting program.

So this year I am planning to be at Dreamforce for Monday, soak up and learn as much as possible, see Marc Benioff’s keynote and then head back to the east coast while he attends his training out of town. 

But why? Why travel across the country for one days worth of Dreamforce?

Because it is WORTH it.  I will return with more knowledge, insight into where Salesforce is going, new product announcements, the opportunity to connect with fellow friends in the community, and best of all, it actually doesn’t stop when I leave. I will still be participating online, watching all live streams, and reading all the tweets and posts. If you ever have the opportunity to go to dreamforce, take it! This year if you can’t, then you’re welcome to hang out with me online where we will do Dreamforce from afar!


  1. I am likewise will be missing my first Dreamforce in 8 years. It feels so strange not to be prepping for attending. But I will definitely be checking in online to see what’s going on and participate virtually when possible.

  2. I ran into a similar situation wedding anniversary and daughter’s birthday the weekend before dreamforce, but I was able to bring the whole family to SF for the weekend and wished my daughter a happy Birthday before sending her home with the rest of them. I’ve only missed one DF since my first in 2010 and it was heart-wrenching. I would definitely make the trip for 1 or 2 days.

    • Someone else who understands! I wish it was an option to bring my family this year but alas no. I look forward to sharing the city with them one day and maybe there will be a kid track my daughter could do for school credit. 2010 was my first too, how much has it grown over the years!!!! Insane isn’t it? But oh so very awesome.

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