Posted by: eliz_beth | November 4, 2011

Tip # 4 – Take advantage of the free

If you’re thinking of getting into Salesforce, you may have looked at taking one of the many classes they offer. I can’t recommend the Adm 201 course enough. It is well worth every penny it costs if you’re new to Salesforce and need to get involved fast.

Say you don’t have the money for the class, or your manager doesn’t have it in their budget to send you. You’ve checked out the links on my resource page, hopefully joined the community at or at, and joined your local user group. You’ve got a twitter handle and checking out the #asksalesforce tag to see some chatter in the wild, or joined the IRC channel to learn more.

Did you know that Salesforce sponsors events throughout the year around the globe? On Novemeber 30, Cloudforce will hit New York City. Marc Benioff will present a keynote and there are three sessions in the afternoon with a choice of topics to learn more about social enterprise and life in the cloud. The best part? It’s free! You just have to find your way there! Most, if not all (#safe harbor applies here) Cloudforce events are free to attend. Here’s your opportunity to get some official information to improve your Salesforce education and improve your instance.

I’ll be attending- special thanks to my manager for making it possible as I don’t live in the NYC area. I’m fortunate he understands the benefit of additional training and information. I know I’ll come back reenergized and ready to tackle our next project with new inspiration.

Cloudforce NYC registration link

Leave a comment if you’re planning to attend- would love to meet you and hear how you’re using and growing in Salesforce!

If you can’t make this event, keep your eyes on the Salesforce Events page as they plan something closer to you!

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