Posted by: eliz_beth | November 5, 2011

Tip Day 5 – The Evil of Recently Viewed

Here’s the deal. If you are an admin and in charge of supporting and training your users, you will eventually be able to put them into two camps: ones who remember and ones who don’t.

Remember what you ask?

Whenever you introduce someone to Salesforce, eventually you’re going to show them the various tabs. When you click on most of the standard tabs, you’ll find by default, a list of the most recently viewed items related to the object.

The two groups are those who remember this (or pay attention to the screen) and those who do not remember this (and don’t pay attention to the screen). Hooray for the first group because they don’t result in a support call.

The second group though… be prepared for it. This is an area where having a relationship with your users can go a long way. Answering their call when they say “MY ACCOUNT IS MISSING!” the right way will go a long way. If you know your user well enough, you can tailor your response to be funny or serious- because you know as soon as you remind them why they can’t see the account in question it will cause some embarrassment. No one likes to look the fool- if you know you can defuse it through appropriate humor or just putting the user at ease, it is an easy way to make your user happy and more comfortable with the system and with coming to you for help.

Recently Recently Viewed popped up in the changes in Reports for Winter ’12. Luckily for all of us, Salesforce is working on changing this to default to All Items instead- saving admins a lot of headaches whenever you roll out a new report.

Thanks Salesforce! Now, can we please do something for the other tabs too?

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