Posted by: eliz_beth | July 16, 2012

Thoughts when Registering for Dreamforce 2012

Because you ARE going to Dreamforce, right? It is the Salesforce event of the year and no where will you have a better opportunity to learn more about the options and tools available to you.

First- I want to state that I do not work for Salesforce. What follows is my opinion and understanding of how the process is set up currently, and what I recommend you do to ease your registration now and in the future.

If you have attended before and:

have access to the address equal to your username – you’re set. Follow along with the prompts, and be sure to reserve your hotel room and training.

do not have access to the address equal to your username The best suggestion I have for you is to follow the instructions for registering for the first time below. Salesforce has changed the policy where before you could modify your email address and username. They didn’t have to match either- so many have registered with a company address but changed the email address to something else they have access to or to a new address for a new job. When trying to register for Dreamforce, it is going to assume the username is also the correct address. If you have completed the registration process but find you can’t access the site or other problem, you can contact registration directly for assistance.

If you have never registered for Dreamforce before:

USE A PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS TO REGISTER! Create a free one from gmail or another provider if you need to. The key here is to register (and therefore set your username) with an address you will have access to independent of your employment. This will ensure if you do change jobs/companies/company changes names, you will retain your details and history in Dreamforce app. However, be cautious of your company’s policies regarding this type of use if they are paying for your attendance.

If you can, do register with a personal address of some sort- remember this is part of the information that will be shared when you badge is scanned so a special account may not be a bad idea, or utilize Gmail’s + option for easy filtering.

Why should I keep to a personal address?

Glad you asked. Basically the personal address for username will allow you to continue to interact in the Dreamforce org with the same history and access to various groups without taking additional steps to reestablish connections. As long as it is allowed, by Salesforce and/or your employer, use something that you can take from job to job and don’t lose your history in the app.

Any other registration tips?
1- DO IT ALREADY! 🙂 If you’ve not registered, get on the ball and do so.

2- Reserve your hotel. Unless you must use corporate travel to book your hotel, check the prices and availability on the site. I have found the rooms to be at a much better discount than through our travel company. Depending on the numbers, show your boss how much you can save to help justify your trip as well. Note- when registration went live, if you skipped hotel selection, it was locked out. Now, if you skip or if you didn’t choose before, you can go back and add it in the app. If you have any further changes to make such as changing your hotel or test registration- you’ll need to contact them directly for assistance.

3- AGENDA BUILDER IS COMING!!! Soon it will be time to select sessions. This year there are more sessions than ever and more available times to attend them. Agenda builder is going to be busy but if you want in to one of the popular sessions, the earlier you have access to agenda builder, the better chance you have of getting in. There is always stand by seats, but why take chances?

4- The Dreamforce App is the place to be! To meet new friends before you set foot in San Francisco, to getting ideas about best practices and solutions to problems- the Dreamforce app can not be beat in my book. For myself, it has been worth the price of admission just having the access to the community. Also in the app will be announcements, chances to catch up with a vendor or partner, sharing of the various gathering.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below (I’ll do my best) or refer to Dreamforce registration:

For more information, please contact Dreamforce Registration and Housing:
U.S./Canada: +1-866-855-3818
International: +1-650-226-0793

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