Posted by: eliz_beth | September 11, 2012

What all the cool kids will be playing next week at Dreamforce!

Preparation for Dreamforce 2012 is in full swing. All the kids in Salesforceland are checking their email for party invites, double checking their RSVPs, revising their agendas over and over again… with all this the regular social channels are all a buzz with the excitement.

Tonight I was looking over twitter when I saw some posts popping up about Dreamopoly from various Appirio employees which referenced a Top Secret URL.

Wait a minute… come on Appirio, first you’re the team to join, second you set the bar for the most awesome party (and hardest ticket to get) at Dreamforce, now you’re teasing us with a game with a top secret url?

So after a moment of pouting I decided I would figure out this top secret url. It wasn’t too hard 🙂 so I shouldn’t have pouted! Appirio has created what will be THE game next week at Dreamforce! A great way to cross the line between physical (you get cards) and social (there’s a site and you need a twitter handle). You’re going to have to meet people to win. It is going to be a lot of fun! One of the cards to collect is socks– SOCKS! If you’re new to the community, Marc Benioff’s socks were quite the thing two years ago- the company who sold them had their site Benioff’d – everyone was hitting it trying to get some of the fancy striped socks!

So without making anyone else wait– you can check out the coolest game to hit Dreamforce since Chatter Bingo at DF10 right here at Check out a YouTube video explaining how the game will work as well.

Thanks to the awesome and creative gang at Appirio for creating such a cool fun event for everyone to participate in! It’s a great mix of many of the things that make Dreamforce great!

And thanks too, for the invite to the party of Dreamforce for figuring out the link. Now, to go finish my Chatter Me Maybe filk…


  1. OOH! This looks like a blast! Thank you for sharing – I just signed up!

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