Posted by: eliz_beth | January 20, 2014

In the beginning…

First I apologize for the long absence, but would like to invite you on my new journey- today I begin my newest Salesforce related adventure- life as a consultant! I start with Basati today as a Customer Success Manager. While I’ll post on various salesforce topics, I’ll try to put into words my experiences as a consultant- working the other side of the table so to speak. It is an experience I’ve been looking forward to participating in for a while and I appreciate Basati giving me this opportunity!

Why did I want to become a consultant? Here is a list of my reasons why, in no particular order:

1- I wanted to work with customers again
2- I wanted to create in Salesforce again
3- I wanted to be constantly facing new challenges
A- which would make me learn more
B- allow me to apply all that I have learned
C- would be anything but boring!
4- I wanted to work with a team who brought their own flavor and experiences to the table.
5- I do enjoy working from home!

The main reason I had held back from consulting before is typically it involved a great deal of travel. With the cloud being what it is and the savings by not traveling, clients can get more bag for their buck and the door is open to folks like myself who are not interested in heavy travel at this time. If you’re interested in becoming a consultant but don’t want to travel, trust me there are more and more options opening each day.

Do you have any questions about being a consultant you would like me to address or review in the coming months?


  1. Yes, it is very possible to work from home with Salesforce cloud technology.
    Anyway, congrats for your next journey!

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