Posted by: eliz_beth | February 24, 2014

One Month In…

One month into being a Salesforce consultant and I couldn’t be happier!  It has been a change but a very welcome one.  If you’re thinking of going into consulting here’s my thoughts on it:

  1. If you’re not going solo, be sure the company you work for is one you really care about and respect.  Take time to learn about them, talk to mutual contacts, and see what the buzz is about them in the community. 
  2. Talk to different people in the company.  Do they know what their role is?  Do they have answers to your questions, if not, what is their response?  Are they engaged in your conversation?  Do you want to spend more time with them?  The last question can make a huge impact on a choice especially in a small company.  Keeping in mind who they present to you is representative of them.
  3. Do you like the challenge of multiple projects at once, encompassing all sorts of different levels of design and features?  It is never boring, that I can promise!

    That’s some initial thoughts – each situation is going to be different.  I am still adjusting in some ways but it’s more about growing into the differences and getting myself into a groove.  I have excellent coworkers, excellent management, and excellent customers. I’m being challenged to come up with new ideas and ways to make improvements to Salesforce orgs to help our customers succeed.  It’s an honor and I’m glad I chose this path!


  1. Your customers are so lucky! I am very happy that you are loving your new role.

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